Who we are and our experience

We believe every start-up and every new investment into a foreign company needs local intelligence and strong local partners. We believe we are best placed to create local contacts, relations and long-term partnerships for you.

In our past experience, we have represented U.K. financial institutions, IFI's and multinational companies. We have also co-operated with major U.K. firms and many other international firms in relation with various overseas investments.

Elif Ates Ozpak is the Founder of Kybele Consulting Limited a UK consulting firm with major emerging markets and cross-border negotiations experience. Elif is also a board member and founding shareholder in BN Telekom (11880), the leading Turkish directory assistance services company and bulurum.com fast growing local online directory. She is also a partner in Crescent Capital since 2011. Crescent Capital is a private equity firm specialising in clean energy and infrastructure investments in Turkey and emerging markets. Crescent Capital is a GP for CETF where EBRD and EIB are the seed-investors. CETF is also Turkey's first clean energy investment fund with a size of €100M.

Elif is also a professional non-executive board member. She was an independent board member on Boyner Holding's board between 2012 and 2017. Prior to that she served on the boards of various listed and non-listed companies.

Elif was an equity partner at Taboglu, Ates & Demirhan, a Turkish law firm with international practice and experience, between 2005 and 2008. Prior to joining Taboglu, Ates & Demirhan, she worked in Pekin & Pekin, a major Turkish law firm specialised in banking and corporate finance between 1994 and 2001, where she became one of the first partners.

Between 2001 and 2005, she acted as Corporate Counsel and Corporate Secretary to the Board of Turkcell, the leading Turkish GSM operator listed on both Istanbul Stock Exchange and NYSE where she drafted Turkcell’s corporate governance documents and was responsible from Board’s compliance to corporate governance policies and principles of both Turkish Capital Markets Board and the SEC.

Elif grew up in Strasbourg, France. She received her law degree from Istanbul University, School of Law in 1992 and completed the PIL at Harvard Law School in 2000.

During her 23 years career Elif specialised in corporate governance, cross-border transactions, mergers & acquisitions, privatisations, re-organisations in various sectors including but not limited to telecommunications, banking, financing, energy, insurance and real estate.

Kybele Consulting Limited operates in a customer-focused, professional manner. Our team members are active members of the following organisations:

Corporate Governance Association of Turkey

Istanbul Bar Association

Women on Board UK

Women Corporate Directors Global